Sue from ‘Crocodile Dundee’ over the years! – What happened to film star Kozlowski

Back then, men were smitten with her, but if you look at her now, you’ll be surprised! 🤫🤐 Do you remember Sue? 🧐 Years have passed, and Linda is not the same anymore! 🫤😳 Check out in this article how the iconic actress looks and lives now! 👇

The portrayal of the actress in this movie took her career to a whole new level. With this role, she gained widespread fame and recognition, marking her significant presence in the industry. However, she couldn’t replicate the same level of success as in this film.

She gradually stepped back and focused more on her family. Pursuing her passion for acting, she attended the Juilliard School. She had minor roles on Broadway and television, including her participation in “Death of a Salesman.”

To say that her path to success was not smooth is an understatement. She also worked as a waitress. It was her mentor D. Hoffman and his wife who suggested she stay at their beach house, and she agreed to audition.

He was also the one who offered her the role of Sue in the legendary film, which literally made Linda a star overnight. After the third part of the film, he decided to retire from the industry. Interestingly, she met and fell in love with P. Hogan during the filming.

However, her marriage was divorced in 2014, after which she fell in love with a local tour guide. The two felt an instant connection, prompting them to move from Hollywood to Morocco.

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