“Nobody Expected Such Bad Taste from Her!”: Jennifer Lopez Sparks Controversy in See-Through Leggings

“The figure is like a nightstand!” 🤢💔 Before these photos, everyone was crazy about Lopez’s figure 🔥💫 Paparazzi didn’t miss the chance to finally disappoint her fans 📸 The see-through leggings failed Jennifer and showed what she wanted to hide 🦵🏻😮 Rare footage is available here ⬇️

The famous Hollywood actress Jennifer Lopez stubbornly refuses to accept the challenge of time. Fans claim that Lopez can keep up with any twenty-year-old girl. However, there are many critics who do not share this view.

Recently, Lopez appeared in public in leggings, clearly showing that the star does not have a good figure. “That looks totally ugly!”, “Her figure is like a nightstand”, “Short legs!”, “That doesn’t suit you at all!”,

“In social networks, she looks perfect”, “Not ideal at all!”, “There are more beautiful women,” commented internet users under the photos.

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