“Age is Just a Number for Her!”: The Way Jodie Foster Looks Without Makeup Became the Subject of Heated Discussions

At 6️⃣0️⃣ years old and without makeup, Jodie Foster looks even better than most young girls! 😮😍 Curious paparazzi spotted the actress on a leisurely stroll with her son and surprised everyone with her rejuvenated appearance! 🧐🤯 How is it even possible for her to look only half her age? 🤔 Take a look at the American film legend in this article and try not to fall in love!👇

When J. Foster appears with full makeup and styled hair, she surprisingly looks her age. However, paparazzi recently caught the right moment and captured the American actress and filmmaker. She appeared in casual clothing and without a hint of makeup. To everyone’s great surprise, Foster even appeared rejuvenated.

She admits to enjoying her age and not wanting to return to her twenties, as that age is full of fears and girls at that time are full of complexes and insecurities, worrying whether they are cool or not.

“She has aged like fine wine,” “Time has no power over her,” “Even 20-year-old girls envy this woman.”

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