“Becoming a Completely Different Person”: Meg Ryan’s Beauty Ruined by Cosmetic Surgeries

“What a tragedy, the plastic surgeons mocked her! 💔👩🏻‍⚕️ Cosmetic surgeries have completely ruined Meg Ryan’s angelic beauty 💉😇 After a series of operations, she ended up with a clown face with huge lips 🤡🤦🏻‍♀️ See a photo of the altered star here ⬇️

Meg is one of the most famous actresses of modern cinema. She spent her childhood in a family where her father was a mathematician and her mother had previously worked as an actress. Directors immediately noticed this charming girl. After starting her career, Meg soon became the object of attention for famous directors.

Meg became famous for her roles in romantic films. The actress Ryan’s popularity peaked in the 90s. After that, she temporarily disappeared from the screens.

There were rumors that Meg stopped getting major roles because of unsuccessful plastic surgeries. Recently, a film appeared where the actress directed herself.

A considerable number of fans expressed their outrage at Meg’s appearance. Apparently, she was drawn to plastic surgery, which made her almost unrecognizable.

In 2018, Meg spoke about her engagement to musician John Mellencamp. He expressed his willingness to accept her adopted daughter as his own.

Meg maintains a close relationship with her son from her first marriage and continues to successfully develop her acting career.”

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