Rod Stewart, 78, Shares Insights on His Marriage with Penny Lancaster – Confirming Suspicions

Love and marriage are different for everyone. Each couple has their own unique experience.

For example, my partner and I can’t bear to be apart for long. We think life is better together. But this might not work for everyone.

Rod Stewart and his wife Penny Lancaster have a different approach. In a recent interview, Rod said they often spend the whole day apart.

Rod and Penny have a strong marriage, especially in show business where lasting relationships are hard to find.

They’ve been together for a long time, even before getting married in 2007. Their love still shines brightly today.

But their way of doing things might seem strange to others. They stay in the same house but don’t see each other until the evening.

In 1999, Penny met Rod at a party through her friend Maria Falco. They hit it off and soon announced Penny was pregnant with their first child.

Sadly, Maria passed away from breast cancer the same year. Penny credits Maria for bringing her and Rod together.

Rod and Penny have two sons, while Rod has a total of eight children from his previous relationships.

What do you think makes a happy marriage? Let us know in the comments.

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