Driver Admits Guilt in Fatal Crash Involving Everwood Actor Treat Williams

The driver who caused a crash that killed Treat Williams in Vermont admitted his mistake in court. Ryan Koss, 35, agreed to a one-year probation and a one-year suspension of his license. He also has to join a community program as part of his punishment.

Initially, Koss denied the severe charge, but later accepted a lesser one. This decision saved him from facing up to 15 years in jail.

The accident happened in June 2023 when Koss’s car hit Williams’ motorcycle. It seems Koss didn’t see Williams on the road.

After the crash, Koss called Williams’ wife to tell her what happened. In court, Koss apologized for his actions and expressed sympathy to Williams’ family.

Williams’ son forgave Koss but expressed his pain over losing his father. Despite their loss, Williams’ family didn’t want Koss to go to prison.

Williams’ wife and daughter also shared their grief and how much they miss him. Williams, known for his role in “Everwood,” tragically passed away due to the accident.

He died from severe injuries, leaving behind a legacy of memorable acting roles.

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