Derek Hough Talks About Winning Emmy While Wife Hayley Erbert Was in Hospital

Derek Hough won a big award for his dancing on a TV show called Dancing with the Stars. He talked about how crazy it felt because his wife, Hayley Erbert, had just had surgery on her brain. He said it was wild to go from being in a hospital to accepting an award in front of lots of people.

Hough won the award for his amazing dance moves on the show. He got emotional when he accepted the award because he was thinking about his wife and how strong she’s been during her recovery.

He said his wife is doing really well now after her surgeries. He thanked everyone for their support during this tough time for them.

Hayley Erbert had to have surgery on her brain because she had a serious problem with bleeding inside her head while they were on tour. She had two surgeries to fix it. This happened not long after they got married.

In a video they shared, Hayley looked good and surprised Derek with a fun day out for Valentine’s Day. They went out for breakfast, walked in the park, and went shopping together. Hayley said she wanted to focus on being thankful and spending time with Derek during her recovery.

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