” Friendship and Betrayal in Hollywood”: 4 Hollywood Actresses Who Stole Their Friend’s Beloved

Their friendship seemed genuine until a man appeared.

Dating the lover of a friend is considered treachery. However, no one can control feelings of love. And so, these actresses had to sacrifice their female friendship for a romance with a man. Let’s talk about 4 foreign actresses who stole the beloved of their friend.

Elizabeth Taylor stole Debbie Reynolds’ husband

Elizabeth Taylor and Debbie Reynolds met in their youth. Both girls studied at MGM School and, despite their differences in character, became friends. They even started families around the same time.

In 1955, Debbie married singer Eddie Fisher. And Elizabeth tied the knot with film producer Michael Todd in 1957. Debbie was the maid of honor at Elizabeth’s wedding, and Eddie was the best man. They were family friends.

When Debbie and Eddie’s son was born in 1958, they named him Todd after Elizabeth’s husband, Michael Todd. However, just a month later, Michael died in a plane crash. Eddie Fisher rushed to comfort Elizabeth, who was devastated by the tragedy. Just a month after the incident, he left Debbie with two young children and went to Elizabeth.

Debbie was shaken by the betrayal of her husband and friend. As her grown son later revealed, it was one of the biggest scandals in Hollywood at the time. But Debbie said she never felt hatred towards Elizabeth. And although the actresses stopped communicating for a while, their friendship soon resumed. Moreover, in 2001, they even starred together in the film “These Old Broads.”

Denise Richards seduced Heather Locklear’s lover

Heather Locklear and Denise Richards met through a mutual friend, Charlie Sheen. He was Denise’s husband and starred with Heather in the series “Spin City.” The women became close and often spent time together. Later, their personal dramas united them – in 2006, they both divorced their spouses.

But their friendship was not meant to last. The reason was Richie Sambora – Heather’s ex-husband, from whom she split after 11 years of marriage. As soon as Heather left her husband, Denise started dating Richie. This led to rumors that Denise was the reason for their divorce. Although Denise denied this.

In the end, the friendship between the two actresses did not withstand the test of betrayal. And Denise and Richie’s romance was short-lived – they broke up in 2007. Although they reunited briefly in 2012, the former partners never managed to build a strong relationship.

Nikki Reed stole the fiancé of Nina Dobrev

Actresses Nikki Reed and Nina Dobrev were close friends for a long time and often appeared together in public. Both gained fame thanks to their roles in popular teenage vampire sagas – Nikki played Rosalie in “Twilight,” and Nina, along with her lover Ian Somerhalder, played the main characters in “The Vampire Diaries.”

For several years, Nikki and Nina shared joint photos on social media and seemed to be best friends. However, in 2014, their relationship unexpectedly deteriorated. The reason was that both women had a similar taste in men – they both liked Ian Somerhalder, Nina’s lover.

Nikki began to spend more and more time alone with Ian, pretending to be friends with him and Nina. Thus, the long-standing friendship between the actresses came to an end. In 2015, Ian and Nikki surprisingly announced their engagement, and then got married. And in 2017, they had a daughter. And in 2023, the couple had a son.

Cameron Diaz separated Kate Hudson from her lover

In 2003, actress Cameron Diaz began a romance with pop music star Justin Timberlake. Their relationship developed rapidly, but in 2007, the couple unexpectedly broke up. And although they did not publicize the reasons for the breakup, it soon became clear that after parting with Cameron, Justin began dating her close friend – actress Kate Hudson.

Diaz perceived this as betrayal from her friend and in 2010, she retaliated against Kate. Cameron started dating famous baseball player Alex Rodriguez, who was Hudson’s boyfriend at the time. And although Diaz and Rodriguez’s romance lasted only about a year, Cameron seemed to have avenged her former friend in this way.

After this incident, the relationship between the two famous actresses deteriorated finally. Thus, the stellar friendship of two famous actresses ended due to rivalry in love.

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