Billie Eilish Signs Melissa McCarthy’s Face at SAG Awards as Presenters Reveal Surprise Family Connection

Melissa McCarthy got really excited and amazed when she met Billie Eilish at the 2024 Screen Actors Guild Awards. They were on stage together to give an award to Ayo Edebiri for her role in a comedy series called The Bear. Before they announced the nominees, McCarthy, who is 53 years old, couldn’t help but show her admiration for Eilish, who is 22.

McCarthy told Eilish that they had met three times before, and Eilish even met McCarthy’s daughters and one of her dogs. Then McCarthy shared something surprising: Eilish’s mom was McCarthy’s first improv teacher, and McCarthy had actually met Eilish when she was still in her mom’s belly.

Eilish was a bit surprised by this revelation. McCarthy then asked Eilish to sign her dress, but Eilish didn’t want to mess it up. So, McCarthy jokingly suggested that Eilish sign her face instead. Eilish took a marker and wrote her name and a little heart on McCarthy’s forehead. She also playfully covered McCarthy’s mouth when McCarthy started asking about Eilish and her brother Finneas’ music-making process.

McCarthy had previously mentioned on a TV show in 2022 that Eilish’s mom was her improv teacher and praised her teaching skills. She also praised Eilish and Finneas for their talent and creativity. It took McCarthy a moment to realize that Eilish was Maggie’s daughter.

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