Justin Timberlake Entangled in Intrigue with Playboy Model During Relationship with Cameron Diaz

Last year, Britney Spears released her memoir “The Woman in Me,” where she first spoke about Justin Timberlake’s infidelity, with whom she was in a relationship with in the early 2000s. The singer admitted that the musician did not support her during difficult times, repeatedly cheated on her, and even forced her to have an abortion because he did not want a child. All this worsened his reputation and fueled rumors that he was on the verge of divorce with actress Jessica Biel due to affairs on the side. And recently, former Playboy model Zoe Gregory recalled how Timberlake cheated on Cameron Diaz with her, whom he dated from 2003 to 2007.

The girl confessed that she spent time with Justin Timberlake at a private celebrity party where he was without his lover:

“He agreed to strip down to his shorts and jump into Hugh Hefner’s indoor pool. He didn’t want to look like a weakling. We both stripped down to just our shorts and ended up goofing around. There was no intimate connection between us, but we touched each other and kissed.”

Justin Timberlake himself has not yet commented on this story. Cameron Diaz also chose to ignore talks about her past relationships.

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