Actress Zendaya Continues to Amaze Fans with Space-Themed Looks

Actress Zendaya continues to amaze fans with space-themed looks at the premieres of “Dune 2.” She appeared on the red carpet in a vintage Givenchy suit.

Zendaya, who played the Fremen Chani in “Dune 2,” stunned in a futuristic ensemble at the film’s premiere in Seoul. She opted for a vintage gray suit from the Alexander McQueen Fall-Winter 1999 collection for Givenchy.

The uniqueness of this model lies in the red pattern resembling a motherboard that glows in the dark. The star’s stylist, Law Roach, complemented the understated look with black sheer tights and black Christian Louboutin shoes.

Zendaya also paid attention to her hairstyle. She let her long strands hang in front, reminiscent of the atmosphere of “Star Wars” movies.

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