Ronaldo’s Girlfriend Owns a Jewelry Collection Worth Over 4 Million Dollars

Georgina Rodriguez, a 29-year-old woman, the partner of football star Cristiano Ronaldo, owns a collection of jewelry valued at $4.28 million.

At the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, she appeared wearing a 40-millimeter Rolex GMT-Master II made of 18-carat white gold, along with rings adorned with diamonds, a sparkling necklace, and bracelet, the total value of which is estimated at $2.26 million, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Rodriguez stands out among the partners of famous footballers, often attracting attention with her relationship with Ronaldo and penchant for showcasing a luxurious lifestyle on social media.

With around 60 million followers, Rodriguez has become a sensation on social media, confirming her status as a self-sufficient millionaire.

Despite her wealth and fame, Rodriguez’s style, especially her penchant for luxurious jewelry, elicits mixed reactions from the public. While she is often seen wearing premium brands, some critics feel that her style lacks elegance.

As reported by The Sun, Rodriguez frequently showcases her hands generously adorned with diamond jewelry — bracelets, rings, and watches — on social media. Her social media feeds often feature glimpses of her luxurious life with Ronaldo, including travels on his private jet and yacht, providing a peek into their lavish lifestyle.

Rodriguez’s humble past adds a special charm to her story.

Growing up in Spain in a family facing financial difficulties, with her father’s legal troubles leading to imprisonment, she encountered hardships from an early age. Striving to build her own future, Rodriguez moved to Madrid in search of work.

Starting with various temporary jobs, she eventually found work as a sales consultant at a fashionable boutique. Her hard work and perseverance paid off, allowing her to gain significant experience in retail, which led her to a prestigious fashion store.

A chance encounter with Cristiano Ronaldo during her work ignited a romance that blossomed into a strong relationship.

In 2022, Netflix released the reality show “I am Georgina.” In it, Rodriguez shared her most intimate moments. The show often featured Ronaldo himself, as well as their children. The second season of the reality show premiered in March 2023.

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