Superstar Beyoncé Poses for Renowned Magazine Essence

Beyoncé Celebrates Family and Tradition in Essence Cover Shoot

Superstar Beyoncé posed for the cover of Essence magazine. She talked about the importance of family in her upbringing and showcased her relatives.

Essence magazine shared the photos.

Popular singer Beyoncé became the face of Essence magazine. She talked about how important family traditions are to her.

In the photos, she appeared with her mother and two daughters. They were braiding each other’s hair. The pictures turned out very warm and tender.

“My childhood was spent with my mom in the hair salon. I saw her shampooing and cutting hair, turning women into beauties. Looking back, I realize it was more than just going to the salon — it was therapy. I worked in her salon, swept the floor, and helped wherever I could. I used to eavesdrop on their conversations attentively. For these women, it was a sacred place,” the star shared.

Beyoncé believes that her family has always respected familial bonds and the desire to work together. Her mother suggested she become a hairdresser.

“She was so good and so talented that eventually she opened her own salon. I remember early sketches, and my mom invited me to be part of the project, even though I was still young. But that’s my mom. There has always been a spirit of collaboration in our family,” the singer said.

Beyoncé’s mother, Tina Knowles, admitted that hairstyling supported their family. She is convinced that there is a connection between black mothers and daughters that is intertwined through hair. The head that wears the crown is crowned because of the kinship of black women.

Stylists chose seductive images for Beyoncé, while also trying to reveal her fragility and charm. In every photograph, the main focus was on the star’s hair.

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