“Kim Kardashian Sets Boundaries”: Ex’s New Girlfriend Must ‘Cover Up’ for Family Meetings

She Demands Kanye West to Address His Wife’s Attire

Kim is absolutely fine with her ex-fiancé having found new love. The star has managed to meet Bianca Censori and has even agreed to meetings with her and Kanye West for the sake of their shared children. However, Kim has one important requirement that the man’s new girlfriend must adhere to.

The Kardashian wants Bianca to come to the meetings and “cover up” a bit. It turns out, despite her modern views, Kim is quite against the “half-naked” style of her ex’s partner. Kim absolutely abhors the fact that Bianca might go out nearly naked, and she certainly doesn’t want all her charms to be highlighted in front of the kids.

Kim also notes that she is surprised by Kanye’s behavior. She doesn’t understand how he can allow his girlfriend to walk around in such a manner.

It’s worth noting that although these two women claim they have found common ground, they are still convinced that each one is copying the other. Kim has clearly seen how Bianca intentionally chooses similar outfits to those worn by the Kardashian and posts photos for all to see.

Fans fully agree with Kim that Bianca’s behavior goes beyond reasonable limits, so they completely support the global star.

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