Exploring Celebrity Hair Transformations: From Blonde to Brunette and Beyond

Celebrities Who Dared to Try Both Blonde and Brunette Looks

Women are known for experimenting with their appearance, trying something new. It’s good that hair color can easily be changed, although it’s not always easy, but still possible. Celebrities are a bit of a different story, as even their image can be stipulated in a contract. As an example of media personalities whom you may have seen in both light and dark hair colors, we’ve selected 19 women. Looking at the photos, it’s clear how such a change from blonde to brunette or vice versa affects the overall image.

Drew Barrymore shows that there’s nothing scary about changing hair color.

Kim Kardashian. Unusual, isn’t it?

Which look would you prefer for Scarlett Johansson?

Rihanna is also here.

The enchanting Jennifer Lawrence.

Some might call Lana Del Rey’s experiment controversial.

Emma Stone: like two different girls.

Lindsay Lohan, yay or nay?

Simply stunning Margot Robbie.

Angelina Jolie also tried being blonde.

Some prefer Selena Gomez as a blonde, while others don’t.

What about Reese Witherspoon?

Transformation by Anne Hathaway.

And even Cameron Diaz.

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