Cher Faces Ageist Comments After Macy’s Parade Appearance

Cher, the famous singer, faced mean comments online recently. People said nasty things about her age. She’s 77 years old. After performing at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, some fans worried about her walking.

Cher sang “DJ Play a Christmas Song” at the parade. It’s a hit on the charts. In an interview, she said her songs aren’t just for Christmas. They’re great songs for any time.

After the parade, Cher left her hotel. A photo showed her in black clothes, with a bodyguard helping her walk.

Some people on Instagram commented about her walking. They said she seemed to have trouble. Others asked about her age, implying she’s too old to walk properly.

But many fans defended Cher. They said she’s 77 and doing great for her age. Cher has talked about getting older on social media. She wonders when she’ll feel old.

In an interview, Cher said she can’t believe she’ll be 80 soon. She joked about still wearing jeans and keeping her long hair. When asked about looking young, she said it’s because of her family’s good genes.

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