At 92, Angie Dickinson Lives Alone in Beverly Hills: A Glimpse into Her Current Life

Angie Dickinson was a famous actress back in the day. She won awards for her acting and was praised by many.

Now, at 92 years old, Angie’s life is different. Let’s take a look at what she’s up to these days…

Angie, also known as Angeline Dickinson, is an American actress who was really successful on TV. She started acting in the early 1950s and got her big break in “Gun the Man Down.” You might also remember her from “Rio Bravo,” which got her a Golden Globe award.

She did a lot of movies too, like “Jessica,” “The Chase,” and “Ocean’s 11.” But her most important role was in “Police Woman.” It was a big deal because it was the first time a woman was the main character on a TV cop show.

Even though Angie wasn’t a feminist, her role in “Police Woman” inspired many women. She didn’t think much about the pay gap in Hollywood either.

Later on, Angie felt like “Police Woman” could’ve been more realistic. She wished it showed harsher consequences for bad guys, like in shows today.

When the show was popular, Angie got letters from fans who said she inspired them to become cops.

Angie worked really hard on “Police Woman” in her 40s. She worked twice as hard as younger actresses, but she kept looking beautiful.

There were rumors that Angie had relationships with famous guys like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.

In 2020, Angie said she didn’t want the role in “Police Woman” at first. She thought it was too much work and didn’t pay well. She only agreed because she was told it’d make her famous.

Angie was married twice. Her second husband was Burt Bacharach, a famous composer. They had a daughter named Nikki, who had Asperger’s syndrome. Nikki struggled a lot and sadly died by suicide in 2007.

After Nikki’s death, Angie focused on being a mom. Her marriage to Burt had its problems, like his infidelity. They divorced after being separated for five years.

Now, Angie lives a quiet life in Beverly Hills. She’s not seen in public much because she’s old. Her last movie was in 2004, and she’s not acting anymore.

Even though she’s old, Angie still cares about looking good. She feels strange without makeup and likes to see herself in mirrors.

Angie doesn’t talk much about her personal life. She’s a private person. But she might do a one-woman show someday.


A neighbor who took care of Angie’s cats said she’s a sweet person. Angie lives alone now, but hopefully, she’s doing okay!

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