Lynda Carter – TV Trailblazer and Her Life Today

Lynda Carter became famous for playing Wonder Woman in the 1970s TV show. She was one of the few female action heroes at the time, so many people looked up to her. Some girls even pretended to be Wonder Woman using makeshift costumes.

Lynda was born in 1951 in Phoenix, Arizona. She started performing at a young age and later pursued music. Despite facing challenges like her parents’ divorce and comments about her height, she remained positive.

After briefly attending college, Lynda focused on music but later shifted to acting.

She struggled to find success until she landed the role of Wonder Woman. The show was a hit, and Lynda became famous worldwide.

Despite her success, Lynda faced criticism for her revealing costume and pressure to fit stereotypes. However, she wanted to portray Wonder Woman as a strong and empowering character for women.

After Wonder Woman, Lynda continued to act and even started her own production company. She also got involved in theater and received recognition from DC Comics.

In her personal life, Lynda had two marriages. Her first marriage ended in divorce due to disagreements, but she found love again with her second husband, Robert Altman.

They had two children together.

Sadly, Robert passed away in 2021, which deeply affected Lynda.

She also struggled with alcoholism but has been sober for over 20 years. Despite the challenges, she remains a positive influence and continues to use her fame for good.

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