Jennifer Lopez Openly Admits to Feeling Jealous When Someone Flirts with Her Husband

Jennifer Lopez, known for her strong relationship with Ben Affleck after their reunion three years ago, openly admitted to feeling jealous when someone flirts with her husband.

In a conversation with Hoda Kotb on the “Today with Hoda & Jenna” show, the 54-year-old singer shared her feelings, confessing that she would prefer potential admirers to stay away from her spouse. Lopez, known for her passionate nature, emphasized that she is ready to protect her relationship with Affleck but would prefer to do so calmly and femininely.

In addition to this, Jennifer touched on the topic of her preferences in daily life, noting that she no longer necessarily needs to have the last word in an argument and that she still enjoys spending time actively, whether it’s work or leisure. The singer also discussed her upcoming projects, which include a musical film, an album, and a documentary about her journey in search of love.

Reflecting on her past with Affleck and their breakup in 2004, Lopez expressed surprise at their unexpected reunion in July 2021 and their wedding in Las Vegas the following year. Jennifer also shared her thoughts on personal growth and the path to self-awareness, especially after giving birth to her children from her marriage to Marc Anthony. According to Lopez, this period helped her become a better version of herself and prepared her for a new stage in her relationship with Affleck.

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