Tucker Carlson Chuckles at Kid Rock’s Answer During Interview

Tucker Carlson wanted to know why “cancel culture” hasn’t been able to affect Kid Rock, and the Michigan musician’s response made the Fox News host laugh.

Kid Rock agreed to chat with Tucker Carlson for an interview. The politically conservative singer had been talking about a song he released in the summer of 2021 called “We the People,” which got a lot of attention from the media. Rolling Stone magazine didn’t like the song and criticized it, saying it was offensive.

In the song, Kid Rock talks about right-wing ideas, criticizes President Joe Biden, and repeats the phrase “Let’s go Brandon” many times. This got mixed reactions.

During the interview, Tucker Carlson mentioned “cancel culture” and asked why Kid Rock hasn’t been silenced like others have. Kid Rock responded confidently, saying he can’t be canceled because he doesn’t care about pleasing big corporations or anyone else. He enjoys it when people try to silence him.

Kid Rock’s tour features the song “We the People,” which is critical of Joe Biden. It’s clear he has strong political opinions.

Kid Rock and Tucker Carlson seem to be friends off-camera too. They were seen hanging out at Kid Rock’s bar in Tennessee, having a good time together.

Other famous musician Ted Nugent also praised Kid Rock for his independence and critical thinking.

In simpler terms, Kid Rock doesn’t care about being silenced by cancel culture because he’s not tied to big corporations and enjoys speaking his mind. He and Tucker Carlson are friends and were seen hanging out together. Other musicians like Ted Nugent admire Kid Rock for his independent thinking.

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