“Remembering Stockard Channing”: A Look at the Grease Star’s 1979 PEOPLE Cover Story

Stockard Channing’s journey to fame took a long time. It took her 13 years, four months, and nine days from her start in The Investigation play in Boston to her big break in movies. In the movie Grease, she starred in a memorable scene with Jeff Conaway.

In Grease, Conaway played “Kenickie,” and Channing played “Rizzo,” the class tramp at Rydell High School. The movie became a huge success, making $138 million last year and another $12 million in its recent rerelease.

Channing, now 35, looks great to CBS, who invested $2 million in her production company with her husband, David Debin, who is 36. They made a TV movie called Silent Victory and a series called Just Friends, which is somewhat based on Channing’s life in Los Angeles.

Channing and Debin met through their agent and got married after being roommates for a while. They had a big wedding with lots of friends.

Their marriage isn’t always easy. They have strong arguments, but they seem to be getting along better now that they’re both busy with work.

Channing grew up in a wealthy family in New York City. She went to fancy schools and then to Radcliffe College, where she studied American history.

After college, she went through a rebellious phase, got married, and then divorced. She decided to pursue acting and moved to New York City. She struggled to find success in movies until she landed roles in The Cheap Detective and Grease.

Nowadays, Channing and Debin enjoy spending time together, especially when they can get away from Hollywood. They like traveling and having fun with friends. Channing is also excited about her upcoming role in a play and her new movie. Overall, she’s happy with her life.

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