Chrissy Teigen Talks About Burning Her Arm While Cooking During 2024 Super Bowl: ‘Not a Rash’

Chrissy Teigen got burned while cooking for her family on Super Bowl day. She showed the burn on her arm in a video on Instagram. She didn’t say how she was treating it, but experts recommend bandaging burns and using petroleum jelly to help them heal faster.

Earlier that day, Chrissy shared happy moments from her family’s Super Bowl celebration. She posted videos of them watching the halftime show, featuring Usher and Alicia Keys. In one video, Chrissy and her daughter Luna enjoyed the music. In another, she danced with her baby son, Wren.

Chrissy also shared a photo of her sons learning about quarterbacks. She mentioned on a TV show that raising four kids is busy and chaotic, but she loves it. Her kids are involved in many activities like sports, arts, and music.

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