Tom Cruise Reacts Strongly to Reporter’s Questions About Ex-Wife Nicole Kidman

Tom Cruise had a really good year. “Top Gun 2” was a big hit, and he’s seen as one of Hollywood’s best actors.

But there was a time when he was feeling a lot of pressure. In 2001, he had a tough interview that reminded me of that time when Tom was more vulnerable.

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman got married in 1990 after meeting on a movie set. They were a famous couple in Hollywood. At the time, Cruise was the bigger star. He made sure Kidman got a role in one of his movies.

When they met, Kidman was amazed by Cruise. She thought he was an incredible person.

Cruise also felt Kidman was special. He called her the love of his life.

They got married in 1990 in a small ceremony. Kidman wanted to have kids right away, but she had a pregnancy problem and lost the baby.

They adopted two children instead.

But their marriage didn’t last. Cruise filed for divorce after 11 years, saying they couldn’t fix their problems.

The breakup was a surprise to Kidman. She was hurt and didn’t know if she’d find love again.

In 2001, Cruise got upset during an interview when the reporter asked about Kidman.

The reporter kept pushing, asking about their relationship and parenting. Cruise got angry and told him to stop.

He said the reporter was crossing a line and should take responsibility for his questions.

What do you think about how Cruise reacted during the interview? Let us know after watching the video below!

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