Reba McEntire Shines Bright at Super Bowl 2024 with Unforgettable National Anthem Performance

When we found out Reba McEntire would sing at the Super Bowl, we were very excited. And she did an amazing job.

Her singing of the national anthem was fantastic. People at the stadium and those watching on TV were cheering. Chris Jones from the Chiefs was even moved to tears.

It was a special moment to start the game. This was the fourth year in a row that the NFL had a country singer sing the anthem. Reba talked about how she got ready for the big moment. She practiced a lot, even singing in the shower and in the car.

She felt honored to sing at the Super Bowl for the first time. She said it was for all the people who work hard to give us freedom and peace.

Reba has been dating actor Rex Linn since 2020. They met in 1991 on a TV set. They kept in touch during the pandemic, even having virtual coffee dates.

If they ever got married, Reba joked they’d need multiple ceremonies because they have so many friends and family.

Reba shared that after her mom passed away in 2020, she considered quitting music. But her sister encouraged her to keep going.

Her mom was a big influence on her love for music, teaching her and her siblings to sing.

They were known as “the singing McEntires” in high school, and their mom would give them feedback while cooking.

We’re grateful for Reba and her amazing talent. She made singing the national anthem look easy and gave us a memorable Super Bowl moment.

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