Inside Morgan Freeman’s 124-Acre Bee Sanctuary: Actor Feeds Bees Himself

Morgan Freeman, the famous actor, has a ranch in Mississippi where he takes care of bees. He feeds and looks after them himself. He started the sanctuary because he noticed that many people focus more on what happens after they die than on their beliefs about God.

Freeman’s dad wasn’t big on religion, but one day he started reading the Bible after a fall from a tree. This surprised Freeman, who learned from his dad’s experience that you never know what might change your mind.

Freeman himself has thought a lot about death and wants to live a long life. He had a bad car accident in 2008 that left his hand paralyzed. Despite this, he stays active and engaged.

He’s also concerned about climate change and thinks we need to act now to make a difference. He has a big ranch where he grows food and takes care of horses.

Freeman is also a beekeeper and worries about bees disappearing. He’s been feeding them sugar water to help them survive. He believes it’s important to connect with bees to avoid getting stung.

Despite dealing with pain from fibromyalgia, Freeman stays committed to taking care of his bees and making a positive impact on the world.

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