Ali MacGraw Put Her Career on Hold for Steve McQueen

Ali MacGraw was a big star in Hollywood quickly. But then she left showbiz just as fast.

Now, at 84, she lives in a small town and looks great with her gray hair.

Ali MacGraw – Early Life

Ali MacGraw, born Elizabeth Alice MacGraw, was born on April 1, 1939, in Pound Ridge, New York. Her parents were artists, but they had a tough time. They lived with another couple in a small house with no privacy.

Ali’s dad had a rough childhood and it affected him.

Ali MacGraw – Career Start

Ali wanted to do something creative like her parents. She went to school and then got a job in New York at a fashion magazine. She worked hard and became a stylist and then a model.

Eventually, she moved into acting.

Ali MacGraw – Acting Career

Ali became famous for her roles in movies like “Goodbye, Columbus” and “Love Story.” She even got an Oscar nomination for “Love Story.” She married a producer but later had a tough time in her personal life.

She had a son but faced challenges with her husband, Steve McQueen.

Ali MacGraw – Leaving Hollywood

After some rough years and struggles with addiction, Ali left Hollywood. She tried other things like interior design. She still did some acting but not much.

Ali MacGraw – Life Today

Ali now lives a quiet life in New Mexico. She’s still open to new things and works for animal rights. Her son, Josh Evans, followed her into the movie business as an actor and director.

Josh Evans – Ali’s Son

Josh had a good career in acting and directing. He looks a lot like his mom. He’s been married twice and has a son. He and Ali are very close.

In conclusion, Ali MacGraw had a big career in Hollywood but now enjoys a quieter life with her family.

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