“Michael Caine Reflects on Retirement”: ‘The Great Escaper’ Possibly My Last Film

Rare Appearance at 90

Watching our favorite actors get older can be tough. When we follow someone’s career closely, it’s like we become attached to them. We see them change over the years as they get older.

It’s just how life goes, and there’s not much we can do about it. Eventually, all entertainers will reach a point where they can’t make movies or TV shows like they used to. They’ll look different from when they were young.

When this happens, many of them start to disappear from the spotlight. They’re seen less and less as they retire from public life.

One such actor who might fit this description is Sir Michael Caine. He’s now 90 years old, and he’s slowing down his acting career. This is sad news for his many fans.

Caine, who won an Academy Award, has been using a cane since he broke his ankle in a fall in 2018.

Recently, he made a rare public appearance to promote his upcoming movie, “The Great Escaper.” He seemed to be in good spirits, but he also mentioned that he won’t be acting for much longer.

The movie is based on a true story about a British World War II veteran who escaped from his nursing home in 2017 to attend the 70th anniversary D-Day commemorations in France.

Caine said this might be his last film. He said he loved playing the character and enjoyed working on the film, especially after not acting for three years because of COVID-19.

English actor Michael Caine, circa 1966. (Photo by Silver Screen Collection/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Caine admitted that, at 90 years old, he’s not as mobile as he used to be, and he feels like he’s retired now.

His wife, Shakira, revealed that he recently had back surgery for spinal stenosis.

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