Amidst Breakup Rumors, Jessica Biel Publicly Addresses Justin Timberlake

Jessica Biel touchingly congratulated her husband Justin Timberlake on social media. On January 31, the singer turned 43. The actress posted a series of their joint photos and wrote a short post dedicated to Justin.

“I always have you. Happy birthday, baby,” – Jessica Biel, actress

Biel’s photo series consisted of various funny moments from their life. She also added short video clips, where she and Timberlake were captured at a big concert, as well as snippets from their joint travels. It is worth noting that there were earlier rumors of serious problems in their marriage due to Britney Spears’ memoirs. The singer made statements about losing a child with Justin, causing immense surprise not only among the public but also for his wife. It turned out that Timberlake chose to remain silent about certain aspects of his past life with his wife.

Neither Justin nor Jessica commented on this matter, but people close to their family revealed that Jessica was extremely upset upon learning about the hidden aspects of her husband’s life. Insiders said that the singer prefers not to discuss the details of his personal communication with his wife with friends.

Also, those around Timberlake mentioned that he is facing difficulties because Spears’ memories have seriously affected his relationship with his wife. Justin is particularly upset about his past decision to suggest that Britney have an abortion. After 20 years, his views have changed drastically, and he would not repeat his previous actions, sources added.

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