“Ann-Margret’s Life Today”: From Elvis’ Confidante to a Woman Embracing the Present

Dazzling Journey from Hollywood Romance to Lasting Love and Resilience

Ann-Margret, the Swedish-born actress, is now 81 and is remembered as a vibrant and exciting presence in the 1960s. She was known for her beauty, personality, and dancing skills.

During that time, Ann-Margret had a notable connection with Elvis Presley, which drew a lot of attention. Despite both being married to other people, they considered themselves soul mates, as Ann-Margret revealed in her autobiography.

Their romance started while filming “Viva Las Vegas” in 1964. Ann-Margret and Elvis had great on-screen chemistry, and their off-screen connection was real and intense. They even contemplated marriage, and Elvis trusted her deeply.

However, Elvis ultimately chose to marry Priscilla. Ann-Margret acknowledges that their relationship had to end due to various factors in Elvis’s life. Despite this, they remained in contact, and Elvis continued to send her flowers.

Ann-Margret had an illustrious career in Hollywood, rising to fame in the 1960s. She is particularly proud of her marriage to actor and manager Roger Smith, which lasted until his death in 2017.

Despite challenges, including infertility, they had a strong and enduring relationship.

After Roger’s death, Ann-Margret faced life without him but fondly remembered their time together.

She stayed active, enjoying her love for motorcycles and even finding love again in her later years.

As of 2023, she remains involved in Hollywood, continuing to act and cherish each day. Ann-Margret’s story is a testament to her remarkable career and enduring commitment to her loved ones.

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