Sister Constructs Cottage for Brother with Autism, Empowering Independent Living

Autism is different for everyone, and it’s called a spectrum. Some people may not even know they’re on it, while others deal with challenges every day, often because others don’t understand them well.

Meet Chris, a 33-year-old with autism who lives in New York. He wasn’t happy with where he lived. His sister, Tiffany, lives in Hawaii, and they haven’t lived together for 15 years because of the long distance. But even with the distance, Tiffany understood Chris’s condition well.


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Tiffany knew that people with higher-functioning autism have unique ways of dealing with stress and boredom that might seem strange to others. So, she decided to build a special house for Chris in her backyard in Maui.

This wasn’t just any house. Tiffany wanted it to be beautiful and functional, designed specifically for Chris’s needs. The house cost $15,000 to build and was a symbol of Tiffany’s love for her brother.


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The cottage had lots of sunlight and felt warm and cozy. Tiffany thought about every detail, like Chris’s habit of drinking a lot of water. So, she made sure his bathroom and a water tank were close to his bed.

Safety was important too. The kitchen had a special cooker to prevent accidents, and Tiffany pre-portioned Chris’s meals to make sure he always had something to eat.

What’s amazing is that Tiffany used recycled materials and furniture to build the entire home. The craftsmanship was so good that you couldn’t even tell it was made from recycled stuff.

As Chris settled into his new home, Tiffany had more good news. She and her boyfriend had a baby girl named Luna. Chris was happy to be close to his niece.

Tiffany didn’t stop helping people with disabilities with just her family. She and Chris started a business called Depo Market, which creates opportunities for people with disabilities.

Tiffany’s dedication shows in everything she does, both in her personal life and her job. This story is more than just a nice one; it shows how important love, understanding, and determination are, especially when dealing with conditions like autism. In a world where people may not fully get these conditions, stories like this one teach us about acceptance, adjustment, and strong support. You can watch a video tour of Chris’s cottage to see it for yourself.

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