“Simon Cowell Chooses Family Over Fame”: Embraces Stay-at-Home Dad Role as Wife Takes Charge of His Company

Once a popular Saturday night TV show and always in the news, Simon Cowell is changing his career.

Back when The X Factor had over 14 million viewers, Simon was always seen with celebrities and paparazzi following him. He used to host dinners and events at his London mansion, hanging out with big names in entertainment and media.

Now, at 63 years old, Simon sold his $57 million London home and moved to the countryside. He seems to be stepping back from the entertainment industry.

The Daily Mail says Simon’s fiancée, Lauren Silverman, has taken on an important role in his company, Syco, and Simon is not very involved. He’s not spending much time with other famous people and only has a TV role as a judge on Britain’s Got Talent.

This change is because Simon wants to be more present in his nine-year-old son Eric’s life. This desire grew even more after he had a serious e-bike accident in 2020 at his California home, leading to a broken back and a six-hour surgery.

Someone close to Simon said, “Simon used to love media attention, but now he prefers being at home with Eric while Lauren handles his business.”

In January 2022, Simon downsized his company Syco, and many staff left. He now wants to focus only on being a TV personality.

ITV, where The X Factor aired, started moving towards more compassionate reality shows like The Masked Singer. There were controversies on Simon’s shows, like David Walliams using offensive language and making explicit comments. A former contestant accused someone of sexual assault during her time on the show, and Simon called it “horrific” and “heartbreaking.”

Now, Simon is stepping back from the spotlight and becoming more of a dad at home. We can only hope this change goes well for him!

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