Glynis Johns’ Family Advocates for Recognition on Her 100th Birthday as One of the Oldest Living Actors

Glynis Johns, a Hollywood star from the Golden Age, turns 100 on October 5. She’s had an impressive career with 30 plays, 60 films, and numerous awards. Despite her contributions, she’s never received the prestigious title of Dame in the UK.

Born in 1923, Johns started in London theaters in the 1930s and made her film debut in 1938’s “South Riding.” She’s known for roles in films like “Mary Poppins,” “Miranda,” and “The Sundowners.”


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Her family is now urging the UK government to honor her with a Damehood for her 100th birthday. Despite her remarkable career, she hasn’t been recognized like her contemporaries.

Glynis Johns has worked alongside legends like Julie Andrews, Dick van Dyke, Frank Sinatra, and Roger Moore. Her family, along with British MP Chris Bryant, is advocating for her Damehood, highlighting her enduring career and contributions to the arts.


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Now in retirement in a Beverly Hills care home, Johns still has a fan following worldwide. Many express shock that she hasn’t been made a Dame yet, and her family hopes the government will expedite the process to honor her during her 100th year.

Let’s wish Glynis Johns a happy 100th birthday and support the campaign for her well-deserved Damehood! Share this story to spread the word.


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