The Vampire Diaries Star Ian Somerhalder Reveals Why He Left Hollywood

After filming in the youth series “The Vampire Diaries,” Ian Somerhalder stopped acting in movies. He was one of the main stars of the project and gained great popularity but decided to dedicate time to his family and venture into business. A few years ago, the actor launched his own alcohol brand with his show colleague Paul Wesley. Recently, Somerhalder confessed that he moved from Los Angeles to the suburbs and now lives on a farm with his wife and children. He shared that he loved acting for a long time, but he was happy to try something else:

“I loved what I was doing for a long time. But I don’t miss it. I like making movies, and I did it for a long time. It was a long run.”

Ian Somerhalder added that he enjoys raising children in nature:

“It’s wonderful to see what happens with the kids, watch them participate in growing their food and understand what food is and where it comes from.”

The actor’s wife, Nikki Reed, known for her participation in the “Twilight” franchise, revealed that she shares her husband’s love for country life. She added that a person’s attitude towards nature reflects their self-love:

“When you see how nature works, you feel compassion for it. I started comparing what you do for the planet and what you do for yourself. It’s evolution and a lifelong pursuit.”

Five years ago, Nikki Reed admitted in an interview that she wanted to instill a love for nature in her children. At that time, she and her husband even talked about the desire to turn farming into a real profession for their eldest daughter:

“The connection between a person and nature is one of the most important things we try to convey at home.”

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed have been married for about 9 years. They are raising two children: 6-year-old Bodhi and a son who was born last summer.

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