“Futuristic Elegance”: Jennifer Lopez Steals the Spotlight in Schiaparelli’s Haute Couture at Paris Fashion Week

Over the past weekend, Jennifer Lopez was among the guests at the Schiaparelli Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2024 show during Paris Fashion Week. The singer appeared in a completely revamped look that could have easily graced the runway itself. Paying homage to the brand, she chose accessories crafted by the fashion house designers.

For her public appearance, she wore a textured white turtleneck paired with high-waisted black leggings, adorned with a wide cream-colored belt featuring striking gold hardware priced at 2500 euros. Over this, she wore a white feather-effect coat, and on her feet, she sported black pointed-toe pumps with gold embellishments priced at 2100 euros.

As for accessories, J.Lo opted for a black handbag adorned with chrome lips, available on the fashion house’s website for 14,000 euros. Continuing the metallic theme, she wore gold oval earrings.

However, what captured everyone’s attention were the unusual golden sunglasses with small almond-shaped lenses and a thick brow-shaped frame that accentuated the star’s facial features. The chosen accessory from the brand’s creative director, Daniel Roseberry, has been compared by some journalists to bug eyes, but overall, the futuristic look of the singer has been well-received.

The attention also turned to the star’s makeup and new hairstyle. Lopez didn’t stray from her beloved bronze makeup, skillfully defining her eyebrows and sculpting her cheekbones. She opted for smoky eye shadow and applied pink lipstick. As for her hairstyle, she parted ways with her long locks, opting for a bob cut with a wet hair effect. She tucked them behind her ears, leaving a few curls framing her face.

By the way, this is not the first time J.Lo has showcased accessories from Schiaparelli. Last October, she appeared in gold metal glasses with completely opaque lenses engraved with an imitation of eyes—the signature motif of the creative director of the fashion house, Daniel Roseberry. The singer couldn’t see anything through them, but what wouldn’t one do for the sake of fashion.

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