“Before and After Photos”: Celebrities’ Unsuccessful Nose Rhinoplasty Transformations

In pursuit of the perfect face, celebrities undergo significant sacrifices, including surgical procedures. According to statistics, around 15% of nose correction surgeries result in serious complications. Noses can collapse or become crooked. However, this does not deter celebrities in their quest for perfection.

Courtney Love

The actress underwent her first rhinoplasty in the 80s when she was 20. Her nose became neater, but over time, it twisted as if it had been broken several times. She then had a revision surgery, which was unsuccessful, and Courtney eventually accepted the shape of her nose.

This is how Courtney’s nose looked initially.

La Toya Jackson

Michael Jackson’s older sister, La Toya, always dreamed of eliminating African facial features. To narrow her wide nose, she underwent several surgeries, clearly overdoing it.

This is what La Toya looked like before rhinoplasty.

Catherine Bell

One might think that the star of “Bruce Almighty,” Catherine Bell, didn’t need a rhinoplasty at all, but she decided to make her nose even better. As a result, the surgeon excessively narrowed her nostrils.

Catherine Bell before beauty transformation.

Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling holds the record for the number of unsuccessful surgical interventions. Not only were silicone implants poorly inserted into her chest, but the shape of her nose was also poorly corrected. It became crooked and collapsed.

This is how Tori’s nose looked initially.

Janice Dickinson

In the pursuit of eternal youth, the supermodel underwent numerous operations that clearly did not work in her favor.

Here is Janice’s original nose.

Donatella Versace

She decided to get rid of her prominent nose with a bump, but the result was worse than before. Now, the tip of her nose almost reaches her upper lip.

Donatella Versace in 1994.

Lil’ Kim

Singer Lil’ Kim tried to part ways with her African American features. She underwent several operations, after which her nose collapsed on both sides and looked unnatural.

This is how Lil’ Kim looked before the surgery.

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