Julia Roberts’ 16-Year-Old Daughter, Hazel Roberts, Steps onto the Red Carpet for the First Time

Julia Roberts is a famous actress who lives a regular life with her husband, Daniel Moder, a cinematographer. They’ve been happily married for 19 years and have three kids: 16-year-old twins, Phinnaeus and Hazel, and a 14-year-old son, Henry.

The family usually stays away from the public eye, so we don’t see them much at events or on social media. However, Hazel recently attended the Cannes Film Festival in France with her dad. They were there for a movie called “Flag Day,” where Moder worked as the choreographer, and Sean Penn was the director.

Hazel, who is often praised for her beauty, supported her father at the event. Some say she takes after her mom, while others see a strong resemblance to her dad. Hazel has blonde hair, blue eyes, and at the festival, she wore a nice yellow lace gown with black Mary Jane heels.

Even though Hazel and her siblings sometimes appear in movies, it’s unclear if they want careers in the film industry. Their parents don’t talk much about them, preferring to keep their lives private. Julia Roberts, despite being a wealthy actress, has always stayed down-to-earth.

In 2016, Hazel and her brothers had small roles in a movie their mom was in called “Mother’s Day.” In 2018, Roberts mentioned in an interview that her kids might not fully grasp her fame. She acknowledged that being a teenager today is different from when she was young, and she and her husband don’t really understand it. When her kids ask questions, she admits not knowing all the answers and tells them she’ll look into it.

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