Kelly Clarkson Opens Up About Parenting Approach, Including Controversial Use of Spanking

Kelly Clarkson talked about how she teaches her kids about right and wrong. The mom of two admitted that if her kids misbehave, she might give them a light spank. She said it’s a common thing in Louisiana, where she lives now.

Clarkson is originally from Fort Worth, Texas. She has two kids, River Rose (5) and Remy (3), from her first marriage to Brandon Blackstock. She also has two stepchildren. When asked about how she handles naughty kids, she said, “I’m not against a little spanking.” She clarified that it’s just a gentle smack on the bottom, not a harsh punishment.

Clarkson mentioned that her parents used to spank her, and she turned out well. So, she feels okay about it and always warns her kids before taking any action. She explained that in the South, where she’s from, spanking is common.

However, she knows it can be tricky to do it in public because some people disagree and are quick to criticize.

People have different opinions about whether spanking is a good way to discipline kids. Some think it’s okay, while others think it’s not safe. The American Academy of Pediatrics doesn’t recommend using spanking or any kind of physical punishment to discipline children.

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