“Paul Harvey’s Chilling 1965 Prediction”: Startling Reflection on Today’s Realities

In 1965, a popular radio commentator named Paul Harvey shared some thoughts that seem eerily accurate today. About 24 million people tuned in to his broadcasts every week for 40 years starting in the 1950s.

He began with a fictional scenario, saying, “If I were the Devil.” He talked about wanting to spread darkness across the world, especially targeting the United States. He suggested starting by spreading misinformation, convincing people that the Bible is a myth and that humans created God. He also proposed discouraging strong moral or patriotic beliefs.

Paul Harvey mentioned influencing young married individuals to prioritize socializing over work and advising them against strong religious or moral convictions. He proposed infiltrating various areas like literature, TV, and labor unions to promote negative influences. He even suggested influencing courts to rule against God and in favor of explicit content.

He envisioned replacing religion with psychology, dividing families, and creating a society where everyone has to work in a controlled environment. The overall idea was to erode values and create chaos.

Interestingly, many believe that what Paul Harvey said over 50 years ago is happening in some ways today.

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