Wives of These Actors Were Much More Successful in Career and Finances

Three Foreign Actors and Their High-Profile Divorces from Wealthy Wives

When it comes to family life, celebrities are no different from ordinary people. They argue, make up, reconcile, and ultimately part ways when continuing to live together becomes impossible, despite obvious material wealth. Here are three foreign actors who divorced their very wealthy wives.

Justin Theroux: Divorce from Jennifer Aniston

The actors first met in 2007 but only started dating in 2011 when they co-starred in the film “Wanderlust.” By that time, Aniston was already a mega-star, gaining fame through the TV series “Friends.” Theroux didn’t have the same level of popularity, so he had to learn to cope with how famous his partner was.

The couple announced their engagement in 2012 but waited three years to tie the knot. They officially got married in August 2015, with a low-key celebration at their California home, presenting it as a birthday party for Theroux. However, less than three years into the marriage, they decided to divorce, announcing their separation in February 2018 without disclosing the reasons. Jennifer and Justin remained good friends.

As of the time of their divorce, Aniston was still more successful in her career. Her financial worth was estimated at $320 million, while Theroux’s net worth was only $40 million.

Ashton Kutcher: Divorce from Demi Moore

After divorcing action star Bruce Willis in 2000, Demi Moore dated martial arts instructor Oliver Whitcomb. In 2003, Demi, 41 at the time, and Ashton Kutcher, 25, met at a dinner with mutual friends. At that point, Demi was already a long-established superstar, and Ashton was at the beginning of his professional journey. They got married in September 2005 in a private ceremony in Beverly Hills.

The marriage positively impacted Kutcher’s career, leading to roles in successful films like “Butterfly Effect,” which brought him global fame. However, a few years into the marriage, rumors of troubles surfaced in the press. In 2011, they divorced, with infidelity being a significant factor. Demi had an affair, and later, Ashton became involved with someone else, possibly out of jealousy or revenge.

Despite becoming much more popular during his marriage to Moore, Kutcher’s financial situation was modest compared to hers, even after the divorce.

Sean Penn: Divorce from Madonna

Madonna and Sean Penn began dating in February 1985 after meeting on the set of her iconic music video “Material Girl.” They got married later that year, just six months after their first meeting.

“We have so much in common that he’s almost like my brother. His temperament is also similar to mine,” said Madonna.

Madonna’s popularity was skyrocketing, with her single “Like a Virgin” becoming incredibly successful. Penn, although having leading roles in films like “Bad Boys” and “Shanghai Surprise,” didn’t enjoy the same level of financial success.

Penn was jealous, and scandals erupted frequently in their marriage. Just two years after the wedding, Madonna filed for divorce. However, she withdrew the petition soon after. Despite giving their marriage a second chance, it didn’t work out. Madonna became more popular and successful, while Penn’s jealousy grew. They divorced in January 1989.

Nearly 35 years after the separation, Penn couldn’t come close to Madonna’s level of financial success. Madonna’s estimated net worth is $643 million, while Penn’s is only $70 million. Despite the divorce, the former spouses maintained a good relationship.

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