“Embracing Imperfections”: Famous Actors with External Flaws

These external flaws do not detract from their attractiveness.

Looking at their favorite artists, viewers are confident that they have no flaws. However, taking a closer look, imperfections in their appearance can be noticed. However, these flaws do not hinder them from building successful careers on screen. Here are 5 male actors who have defects in their appearance.

Denzel Washington’s “Magic” Pinky Finger

American actor, director, and producer Denzel Washington has a crooked pinky finger. How did he get a crooked pinky? During an interview on “The Graham Norton Show,” the renowned actor, a recipient of numerous awards, shared the story of his finger injury. Denzel stated that he injured his finger during American football training, and he had to have it reconstructed.

“I’ve hurt it so many times, playing football. It’s fixed now, but it looks like a piece of jelly. When my kids were little, they used to ask me, ‘Dad, could you show my friends the magic finger?'”

Despite Denzel Washington’s pinky finger being fixed many years ago, it never aligned properly, and its lower joint bends 45 degrees outward from the other finger. As his children often teased him about it when they were little, the actor fondly refers to his pinky as his “magic finger.”

Harrison Ford’s Scar

Harrison Ford is one of the most prolific and respected stars in Hollywood history. Most actors would be content to be associated with one iconic character, but Ford has two—Han Solo in “Star Wars” and the titular character in the “Indiana Jones” series.

The actor entered the profession with a minor external flaw—a scar on his chin. Interestingly, directors incorporated it differently in various films. In “Working Girl,” his character fainted and hit his chin on a toilet during an earring piercing scene. Indiana Jones got his scar when he accidentally whipped himself.

In reality, as the actor claims, the true circumstances of the scar’s origin are quite mundane. The scar resulted from a minor car accident. An unknown Ford was driving to work at a California department store one morning. Adjusting his seatbelt while behind the wheel, he crashed into a telephone pole. The impact of his head hitting the steering wheel, along with a subsequent “botched emergency operation,” led to the formation of the scar. Fortunately for Ford, the significant facial wound only added to his allure.

Tom Hardy’s Crooked Finger

British actor Tom Hardy is currently one of the most sought-after actors. The 46-year-old artist has played many prominent roles in films such as “Warrior,” “The Dark Knight Rises,” “Mad Max: Fury Road,” “Dunkirk,” “Legend,” and “Taboo.” However, not all fans of his talent know that Hardy always has a bent finger on his hand.

In his youth, Tom often found himself on the wrong side of the law, being arrested, among other things, for weapons possession, and he nearly died due to drug addiction. During this time, his hand underwent deformation. In an unfortunate incident with a chopping board, he injured the pinky on his right hand, damaging the tendon. The injury required three surgeries, resulting in his finger being deformed for life.

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