“Hidden Celebrity Kinship”: Unveiling Lesser-Known Family Ties in the Spotlight

It’s no secret that there are entire acting dynasties, each generation leaving its mark on the film industry across different decades. Most of them are known to the audience, but there are also family connections among actors and other celebrities that, despite their media visibility, remain less obvious. For example, everyone knows who played the role of Albus Dumbledore in the first two Harry Potter films, but not everyone knows that the actor’s son is also successful in the film industry.

We decided to tell you about celebrities who are related, but not everyone is aware of it.

Julia Roberts and Emma Roberts

The actresses are aunt and niece, both successful in their acting careers.

Christopher Lloyd and Sam Lloyd

The actors are uncle and nephew to each other. Sam Lloyd is known for his roles in the TV series “Desperate Housewives” (2004-2005) and “Scrubs” (2009).

Janet Leigh and Jamie Lee Curtis

The mother and daughter are known for their roles in horror films: Janet Leigh played the lead role in the film “Psycho” (1960), and Jamie is famous for the “Halloween” film series.

Phil Collins and Lily Collins

The rock band Genesis frontman and his daughter, known for her role in the series “Emily in Paris” (2020).

Prince Charles (Charles III) and Ralph Fiennes

The King of the United Kingdom and the actor who played Voldemort are eighth cousins.

Nicolas Cage and Jason Schwartzman

The actors are first cousins. They are also nephews to the director and producer Francis Ford Coppola.

Lea Thompson and Zoey Deutch

The mother of Marty in the film “Back to the Future” (1985) and actress Zoey Deutch, known for the film “Vampire Academy” (2014) and the comedy “Why Him?” (2016).

Brendan Gleeson and Domhnall Gleeson

Father and son, successful Irish actors both known for their roles in the Harry Potter film series. Brendan Gleeson played Mad-Eye Moody, and Domhnall Gleeson played Bill Weasley. Domhnall also played the memorable role of General Armitage Hux in the “Star Wars” franchise.

Danny Huston and Anjelica Huston

The actors are full siblings, and their father is the director John Huston.

Mads and Lars Mikkelsen

Lars, who played the role of Viktor Petrov in the TV series “House of Cards” (2013-2018), is the older brother of Mads.

Richard Harris and Jared Harris

Richard Harris, known for playing Dumbledore in the first two Harry Potter films, and Jared Harris, known for the role of Lane Pryce in the series “Mad Men” (2007-2015), are father and son.

Bonus: Dolly Parton and Miley Cyrus

The singers are not blood relatives, but Dolly Parton is Miley’s godmother.

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