Stars Who Revealed Their Makeup-Free Faces, Proving They Have Nothing to Hide

For many years, celebrities have inspired us with their glamorous images, perfect contouring, glossy full lips, smoky eyes, and vibrant blush. However, sometimes the biggest names opt for a more relaxed look, taking a break from makeup. Stars have shared their natural beauty with the world, and we want to show you these photos! It’s worth noting that the celebrities in the pictures below either have no makeup on or have applied it lightly, allowing us to see them without the layered and aggressive makeup we’re used to.

Tyra Banks, 50 years old

Tyra admitted that her body and face are not the same as they were in her younger years, but her mind has become stronger than ever, and she feels the wisdom that comes with age.

Pamela Anderson, 56 years old

Anderson ditched makeup while attending the Vivienne Westwood Spring-Summer 2024 show during Paris Fashion Week on September 30.

Michelle Pfeiffer, 65 years old

The American actress is not afraid of her age and doesn’t hide it. Moreover, the star often shares makeup-free photos, embracing her natural self.

Bella Hadid, 27 years old

The supermodel showcased her radiant skin, untouched except for sunscreen.

Lady Gaga, 37 years old

In her pastel pink sweater, Gaga looks quite fresh and rested even without makeup.

Selena Gomez, 31 years old

In February 2023, the singer shared a series of photos revealing her flawless fresh face. Gomez also showed her fans her natural curls. “Me,” she captioned the social media post.

Anne Hathaway, 41 years old

The leading star of “The Devil Wears Prada” showed off her radiant face without makeup on social media, and rightly so – she has nothing to hide!

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