Police Believe Actor Ian Ziering Initiated Altercation with Bikers

In the life of actor Ian Ziering, known for the TV series “Beverly Hills, 90210,” an unfortunate incident occurred – he was attacked by bikers, and his car was vandalized. The police believe that the actor himself initiated the brawl.

The police are investigating only the vandalism against Ian Ziering

Police officers investigating the biker attack on Ian Ziering have decided to focus solely on the vandalism. They will not be seeking those responsible for the brawl.

New footage has emerged in the case, showing that Ian Ziering was the one who initiated the altercation. He pushed one of the bikers and provoked him.

The police believe that none of the bikers will file a complaint against the actor. The main reason is that riding mini motorcycles, on which the criminals were, is prohibited in the city.

The video also clearly shows one of the bikers smashing the actor’s car’s windshield. The police are currently searching for him. After the investigation, the case will be handed over to the Los Angeles district attorney.

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