Celebrities Who Cheated on Their Wives with Nannies

Today we will talk about famous men who decided that a charming governess is much more attractive than their Hollywood wives.

Ethan Hawke

A young woman named Ryan Shawhughes was a regular student who decided to earn some extra money. She was fortunate enough to be hired as a nanny by the Hollywood couple Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke.

The student started helping the stars with their children. At that time, Ethan had almost no work, while Uma spent whole days on film sets. In the end, he didn’t hesitate for long and started a romance with the young governess. Uma did not forgive the betrayal, but Ethan and Ryan are still together, raising their two children.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Back in 1975, the tough Arnie was dating two women at the same time but eventually chose his future wife, the niece of John F. Kennedy. Later, the actor decided to enter politics, and after his term as governor, interesting facts began to emerge.

It turned out that the nanny of the couple, Mildred Baena, had a child with the actor. Arnold’s wife could clearly see the boy growing up and how much he resembled Schwarzenegger. In the end, Shriver could not forgive her unfaithful husband.

Ben Affleck

When the actor was married to Jennifer Garner, they had quite complicated relations. The Hollywood actress forgave a lot to her husband, but one day she couldn’t take it anymore and decided to divorce him.

The reason was that her fickle husband had a romance with Kristin Ouzounian, who worked as a nanny in their home.

Gavin Rossdale

In the marriage between Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, three children were born. They were married for 14 years. Gavin’s affair with the nanny of their children continued for several years, and they were even together when the star gave birth to their third child.

In the end, everything came to light, and legal battles began. The man tried to claim child support, but the court sided with Gwen.

Jude Law

When the actor was dating Sienna Miller, they didn’t have children together. However, Jude had children from a previous marriage, and he often visited them. It was in the house of his ex-wife that Daisy Wright worked as a nanny. The young actor decided to have a passionate affair with her, which greatly damaged his reputation. The mistress revealed their affair to the media, and Jude temporarily split from his fiancée. They later reconciled but never got married.

Some celebrities seem to be unable to appreciate what they have. They have everything: love, success, children, a happy family. But at some point, they decide to cheat, putting a final stop to their perfect lives.

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