“Secret Wedding Unveiled”: Brenda Song, Macaulay Culkin’s Girlfriend, Drops Hints About Their Wedding

Recently, 43-year-old actor Macaulay Culkin and his 35-year-old partner, actress Brenda Song, were photographed at the wedding of their close friend Kat Dennings. In the photo published by Vogue, the star of “Home Alone” is embracing his beloved while Brenda holds him with her left hand, adorned with a massive ring that resembles a wedding band.

Previously, the actress had only been spotted with an engagement ring, but now her ring finger showcases another ring with numerous diamonds, leading fans to speculate that the couple had a secret wedding ceremony. The actors have been together for over five years and announced their engagement in January of last year. The couple has a 2-year-old son named Dakota and a son named Carson, born in March of this year.

“People don’t realize how incredibly kind, devoted, sweet, and smart he is,” she said of him to Esquire in 2020. “What makes Mac special is that he’s so unapologetically Mac. He knows who he is, and he’s 100 percent okay with that. And for me, that’s an incredibly sexy quality. He’s worked really hard to be the person he is.”

Macaulay has also publicly expressed his admiration for his wife.

“You are everything,” he said about his wife while receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on December 1. “You’re my champion. You’re the only one who’s happier than me today. You’re not just the best woman I’ve ever known; you’re the best person I’ve ever known.”

The actor highly values his family and expresses gratitude to his partner for their two children.

“You’ve given me a reason to live. You’ve given me a family. After the birth of our two boys, you’ve become one of my three favorite people.”

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