Beverly Hills 90210 Actor Ian Ziering Brutally Attacked by Biker Gang in Shocking Incident Captured on Surveillance

As of now, none of the participants in the incident have been detained, and there have been no statements made to the police.

In Los Angeles, a group of bikers brutally attacked the well-known actor Ian Ziering, famous for the series “Beverly Hills 90210.” According to TMZ, the incident was captured on surveillance cameras and even shocked the police.

The video shows a person on a motorcycle stopping Ian’s car, blocking the way. The actor exits the vehicle, starts talking to the biker, and at that moment, an entire gang of motorcyclists appears, assaulting Ian. Interestingly, a woman is clearly visible among them.

The beating ended with Ziering breaking free from the bikers, jumping into his car, and driving away. The cause of the incident is unclear. The fact is that neither party has filed a statement with the police. However, law enforcement is currently identifying all participants in the altercation, with Ian listed as the victim. TMZ does not have information on whether there will be any arrests.

Journalists from the publication reached out directly to the actor to obtain firsthand information, but as of now, his representatives have not provided any response.

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