“Actors Portraying the Same Character at Different Ages”: A Cinematic Resemblance Beyond the Screen

From time to time, to immerse the audience more fully in the atmosphere and better portray the characters, filmmakers showcase childhood memories. For this purpose, it is necessary to find children who resemble the adult actors playing the roles. Sometimes it’s not that easy, but the result is worth it – just look at the examples from the material. You’ve probably seen most of them and formed your opinion earlier. In any case, we would be glad to hear your comments on this.

The iconic Sherlock Holmes, from the series “Sherlock,” 2010–2017.

Certainly, you must recognize Benedict Cumberbatch, and the young Sherlock was played by Louis Oliver.

Female character – Claire. This time from the movie “The Time Traveler’s Wife,” 2009.

Brooklyn Prewitt played the school-aged Claire, and Rachel McAdams portrayed her grown-up version.

Jules from the series “Euphoria,” filming started in 2019 and continues.

For comparison, actresses Clarke Furlong and Hunter Schafer were chosen. Isn’t there something in common?

A character from the series “Euphoria” – Cassie.

If you’ve watched it, you’ll surely recognize Kyra Adler and Sydney Sweeney.

The film “Atonement,” with the character Briony, released in 2007.

The film shows the character with not such a big age difference: 13 and 18 years. Saoirse Ronan and Romola Garai, respectively.

The film “Les Misérables,” based on the famous novel, with the character Cosette, 2012.

Isabelle Allen and Amanda Seyfried shared the role but in different periods of life.

Prince Charles from the multi-series film “The Crown,” filming of which started in 2016.

Billy Jenkins and Josh O’Connor had the honor of playing a member of the royal family.

One of the main roles in “Once Upon a Time” – Snow White, the series was filmed from 2011 to 2018.

Bailey Madison played the young heroine in a few episodes, and the rest of the plot featured Ginnifer Goodwin.

Red-haired Jean from “X-Men: Dark Phoenix,” from 2019.

Adult and eight-year-old girl with superpowers: Summer Fontana and Sophie Turner.

Shirley from “The Haunting of Hill House,” 2018.

Actresses who played one role at different ages are called Lulu Wilson and Elizabeth Reaser.

The series “Sharp Objects,” released in 2018: Camille.

If you didn’t know the actresses’ names, here they are. Young Camille was played by Sofia Lillis, and adult Camille was portrayed by Amy Adams.

What do you think about the different life stages of Loki? “Thor,” 2011.

The role of young Loki went to Ted Allpress, and the adult version was played by Tom Hiddleston. Who wouldn’t dream of being in Ted’s place, entering the Marvel universe?

Also included in the selection is Thor from the movie of the same name, 2011.

Meet Dakota Goyo and Chris Hemsworth. You probably know one of them better.

Beth’s character in the multi-series film “The Queen’s Gambit,” 2020.

Charismatic Isla Johnston and Anya Taylor-Joy created the image of the main character together.

The main character of the film “Mr. Nobody” – Nemo, 2009.

Toby Regbo and Jared Leto worked on one character at different ages on the set.

Jane’s character from “Jane Eyre,” released in 2011.

Of course, we haven’t remembered all the movies and series where actors were excellently chosen for roles at different ages. We look forward to your comments.

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