Martha Stewart’s Latest Photo Sparks Concern Among Fans – Shared Sentiments Raise Alarms

People really like Martha Stewart, but some are upset with her recent social media post from Greenland. She posted a selfie during her cruise, mentioning how they captured a small iceberg for their cocktails. Some followers found it tasteless, especially considering the issue of melting ice caps.

Despite her positive swimsuit cover for Sports Illustrated in May, her recent Instagram post didn’t get the same love. People in the comments criticized her for using a small iceberg in her drink, pointing out the irony of talking about melting ice caps.

Comments included remarks like, “Martha, the ice caps are melting, don’t put them in your drink,” and others mentioned how it seemed insensitive for wealthy people to enjoy cocktails with iceberg garnish while the planet faces climate challenges.

In May, Martha Stewart made headlines for her Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover at 81. She shared her wellness routine, emphasizing a clean lifestyle with a good diet and exercise. Despite the positive response to her authentic cover, her recent post faced backlash for what some saw as a tone-deaf move in light of environmental concerns.

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