The Top 15 Most Handsome Faces of 2023 According to TC Candler

On the threshold of the New Year, the TC Candler platform published the list of the most beautiful faces of the planet for the year 2023. Annually since 1990, the TC Candler team reviews over 300,000 candidates and selects the top 100 most beautiful faces. Traditionally, this ranking is divided into male and female, and today we want to show you the brightest and most beautiful representatives of the male half of humanity!

15th place: Mohammad Adjori – Model from Jordan

14th place: Aiden Sng Zheng – Singaporean actor and musician, 30 years old.

13th place: Chris Hemsworth – Hollywood actor from Australia, 40 years old.

12th place: Hwan Hyunjin – 23-year-old dancer and model from South Korea.

11th place: Pedro Pascal – 48-year-old Hollywood actor. Best known for his leading role in the series “The Last of Us.”

10th place: V – Kim Taehyung (V) – South Korean singer and vocalist of the group “BTS,” 27 years old.

9th place: Khalil Ibrahim Ceyhan – 41-year-old actor, musician, and model from Turkey.

8th place: Bang Chan – 26-year-old Australian and South Korean rapper and composer.

7th place: Zhang Zhehan – Chinese actor and singer, 32 years old.

6th place: Austin Palao – 29-year-old singer from Peru.

5th place: Lucien Laviscount – British actor, 31 years old.

4th place: Ni-Ki – Nishimura Riki (Ni-Ki) – singer and dancer from Japan, 18 years old.

3rd place: Keung Tu – 24-year-old actor and singer from China.

2nd place: Henry Cavill – British actor who became a Hollywood star, 40 years old.

1st place: Timothy Chalamet – 28-year-old Hollywood actor.

On December 13, 2023, he presented his latest work in the film “Wonka,” which was considered one of the most anticipated films of the current year.

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