Jamie Dornan Shares Terrifying On-Set Incident: Falls Ill Due to a Kiss with a Horse

Actor Jamie Dornan, known for his seductive role as Christian Grey, shared a frightening incident during filming. He has an allergy to horses but still kissed one, and something terrible happened.

Grey prefers women, not horses

The actor recounted a amusingly scary situation during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show. He kissed a horse, but it was unreciprocated.

“I like them as a sight, but I just can’t get close,” the actor confessed.

He made a terrible mistake when he kissed the horse. He knew he had an allergy because during the filming of his first film, “Marie Antoinette,” he had already encountered issues.

“My character (Count Axel Fersen) has to spend almost the entire film on a horse. And I forgot that it had been a while since I was around horses. So I was running around it… and behind the face of one of the crew members, there was a look of shock. My entire face turned into a giant hive,” the actor shared the story of how he suddenly discovered his allergy.

Jamie Dornan acquired an epinephrine auto-injector and had to use it every time he was around horses.

The frightening incident with the animal didn’t deter the actor, and he agreed to play in the 2012 historical drama “New Worlds.” There, he also had a horse and grew fond of it.

“I really liked the horse I had. And I thought, ‘This is the last day. You know what? I love this horse.’ So I kissed it on the lips. I still had half a day of shooting left, but we never finished that day. Because my lips swelled up completely, and we couldn’t shoot for the rest of the day,” he concluded the amusing story.

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